Help us preserve OKK for future generations. Your gift will provide you with a charitable income tax deduction and help OKK to meet its current needs.

A major benefit of cash donations is that it enables you to immediately support our camp operations priority projects such as:

  • Ongoing Camp Operations
  • Capital Projects
    • Miramichee at OKK
    • Waterfront Improvements
    • Environmental Maintenance/Improvements
    • Safety Enhancements
  • Endowment Fund for the Future of OKK Camp
  • Environmental projects
    • Reforestation
    • Riverbank Stabilization


Make check payable to:  OKKPA. In the memo section of the check write the purpose of the donation: Camp Operations, Miramichee at OKK, Camp Projects, Membership Dues, Endowment Fund or Programs at OKK.  Make sure your name and address are included in the envelope so OKKPA can send you confirmation of your tax deductible donation!

Mail check to:
104 Upper College Terrace
Frederick, MD 21701


ONE TIME DONATIONS: One time donations can be made below through PayPal. If you would like to direct your one time donation to a special cause at OKK Camp, you can enter your request in the comment section on the PayPal checkout screen.

MONTHLY DONATIONS: Being able to give a little every month can be  BIG help to OKK Camp!

Projects at OKK:  If you would like your monthly gift to help OKK Camp with its ongoing maintenance projects, select Camp Projects at OKK to start your monthly gift.

Miramichee at OKK:  If you would like your monthly gift to go to the re-birthing of Camp Miramichee at OKK, select Miramichee at OKK to start your monthly gift.

MAJOR DONORS: Many donors choose to give appreciated stocks, bonds or make a major donation.  Please call 407.641.1489  or email to find out more about our Major Donor Program.


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